Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua where MC hides his true identity/power. (2023)

Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua where MC hides his real secretidentity/power.

Top 10 where MC hides his true power. There are a lot of good manga that you can't find in English, but if you know Korean or Chinese, feel free to read them! There are many Manwha/Manhua where the MC hides his identity and power. But they are not on this list because I just want to show you the biggest ones that are on this list (or almost on this list). So yes, this is my list of top 10 manhwas where the main character hides his true power. I read that it was funny because the MC wasn't trying to be a know-it-all but was hiding his power/talent.

10. Hero? I stopped a long time ago.

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This manhwa has 270 chapters at the moment. Zero was humanity's first true superhero. Under his supervision, countless superheroes appeared and followed in his footsteps. However, after 5 years of war, Zero disappeared without a trace. HUNTED went to great lengths to find out the truth about this.This mysterious hero, this Manhua, has some good fight scenes, but the important thing is the story.Fast paced anyway, it's worth it so give it a try.

9. The biggest in the world.

In my opinion, The Greatest in the World is a very good manhwa. Although it is new. It has about 12 13 chapters for now. The art is good and the story 10/10 for now. If you want a great manhwa with good art and history this might be the one for you. Also, if you're looking for a manhwa with camouflage power, I suggest you give it a try. There is no need to tell the simple truth in big sentences. I'm the greatest in the world. Then read this manhwa. ACCORDINGLY.

8. Sorcerers of Arsenia.

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Honestly, this is a very interesting and cool man. The story is so unique and the main character is not perfect. If you want a magic kite like this manhwa, give it a try, it's definitely worth it. It's quite fun and very interesting, with a good story and world building. "If you want to go back, you must find all the Dragonheart stones!" And so Lee began his quest to become a magician like no other. What kind of bonds will he form? He has to figure it all out... This manhwa is about 76 chapters for now, but all the chapters are very good, also the story and art is good, so give him a chance to read it.

7. It all starts with a serious game.

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A person is born an ant to have will and ambition. Fate is not yet decided; Each of us is a black horse. When the game [Yuan World] came to life, players acquired the skills of their characters in the game. As such, the world was thrown into chaos. Liu Yi Forgiving, ambitious but afraid of battle - Time goes back to an era before the game existed. Armed with knowledge of the future, Liu Yi starts from the bottom to overcome his fear of battle and rises to the top, eventually becoming the savior and solving the crisis of the apocalypse. The art, story, and characters are passable, and I would really recommend this webtoon.

6. Frozen Player Return.

After being cryogenically frozen for 25 years after defeating the Frost Queen, Seo Jun-Hoor, better known as "Spectre", suddenly thaws in the middle of an elementary school assembly at the museum dedicated to him as his equipment. After reuniting with his friend, who is now the leader of the Hero Association, he realizes how different the world was after being frozen. He decides to go back to being a rookie and keep the name "Spectre" until he accumulates enough XP. He becomes Korea's star rookie and also has enemies or demons chasing him. While there are some moments where the characters feel a little dull or not as fun as they could be, the action/comedy and story art more than make up for this.

5. Infinite Apostle and War of the Twelve.

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Girls are considered to be the strongest existence on top of the world. Active? Fame? Performance? In his eyes, it wasn't worth mentioning. The strongest apostles fled and terrorized the human continent because, "Don't get me wrong! Laozi has come looking for his future wife!" Yep, it's a story about the strongest single apostle ever looking for a wife. chapters of the manga, you discover that there are apostles who are like gods who create the world and are said to be the strongest existence there is. Of course, people are afraid of them. One of the apostles is fed up with this attitude towards him and tries to live the life of a normal high school boy. He enrolls in a magic academy to find his future wife. Yes, who needs money and power? Give the man a woman. And while the story isn't all that bad, in all of this, when you become strong they make you feared and people try to avoid you, so it's better to be similar to the people around you than to be different in some way.

4. My father is very strong.

Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua where MC hides his true identity/power. (6)

The story is easy to read and at times very funny. For the most part, it's cheerful, it only takes on a serious tone in situations that justify it, but so far (45 chapters) it's never turned into a tragedy. There are several unique and relatable characters, all contributing to the narrative. I don't read manga for the art, but it's colorful, which always pleases the eye. Compared to other isekai/reincarnation manga, the main character is not an arrogant, pompous idiot whose power goes to his head and actively tries to avoid trouble. A distracted and talentless officer returned as a celestial demon. Now he wished to live out the rest of his life in peace, for his days in the Murim world were filled with strife and bloodshed. However... "Please be my father until I graduate." Suddenly he got a daughter out of nowhere. Try.

3. The great wizard returns after 4,000 years.

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Lucas Trowman was history's greatest archmage until a demigod sentenced him to spend eternity insane. But 4,000 years later he returns to this world, in the body of Friar Blake, the weakest and most untalented student at the prestigious Westroad Academy for wizards. After all this time, the world of magic has barely evolved. Could this be the work of the demigod? Determined to find out, Lucas seeks to once again reach the highest level of power and exact revenge. This manhwa is very good and our MC is also very good. Look at this manhwa.

2. The magician of the reincarnation of the oppressed.Eyes.

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Abel was a genius magician who possessed immensePower in a world where the color of your eyes tells you how powerful you are. However, the strength that came with its amberThe eyes were so large that even his companions looked at him with fear and contempt. Therefore, he decided to transport his soul to the distant future, hoping to find a paradise that would welcome him. He would soon realize that people's attitude towards their eye color has changed, but not in the way he imagined... this manga is much better than any magic manga he's ever seen, so give it a try. This list is not in perfect order.

1. The highest level hero has returned.

Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua where MC hides his true identity/power. (9)

Struck by an enemy arrow, powerless Prince Davey O'Rowane falls into a coma. His soul travels to a place where the greatest of the great gather: the glorious Hall of Heroes. There, a thousand years pass as Davey undergoes agonizing training under his watchful eye to become a hero too strong for his own good. Now back to his timeline and realm, he is wide awake and the enemies lurking in the king's court must be prepared. The prince they fired is now his biggest threat! This manhwa has around 55 channels at the moment. Try.

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