Missing quotes for her - WishesGreeting (2023)

There are times when you will miss her when she's gone simply because you love her.
That's what it means to be in love, to miss someone as soon as you disappear from sight.
Here are some quotes you can use when you miss her to tell her how you really feel.

Right now you are in my heart and I miss you so much; I wish you were here with me darling.

Don't worry darling and I'll be here waiting for you even if it takes forever. I miss you so much.

I always hate to see you go and walk away from me, I'm so high on you right now baby.

I'm so empty without you and I can't take a second like this, I'm blinded by you.

I miss all those late-night text messages as I sneak around my dad's room.

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I miss those times when I waited by your window until you finally came out to see me, darling.

There were times when I miss being with you, I miss eating out and having fun together.

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You're the person that makes me laugh and lately I've stopped smiling because I'm high on you.

There are things only you can do like make me smile when I'm crying, I'm so blown away by you.

I hope we can create more memories, come back here and we will, I miss you my girl.

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No matter how many years pass I think I will still miss him until I see him again.

There isn't a single day that I don't think about you and how intoxicated I am with you.

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I wish it was magical to see you, that I could teleport to where you are because I'm intoxicated with you.

I wish you were here with me now so I could hold you in my arms, I'm high on you.

I miss you so much, I suffer every minute that you are not here by my side my love.

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I want to be able to hold your hand, touch your face, kiss you and be with you baby.

Missing you has always been one of my weaknesses, I wish you were here with me today.

Did you hear that? This is my heartbeat missing you so much right now.

The truth is I'm not fine because I'm sick with these diseases missing you today.

There are nights I don't even sleep because I've been thinking about you every hour.

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No one can replace you in my life, in my arms, in my heart, I'm very drunk right now.

I miss talking to you like there's no tomorrow, holding my phone to my ear until morning.

You may be miles away now, but I close my eyes and feel you in my heart, I am in awe of you.

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I miss being able to hold you tight in my hug and feeling your warmth, I'm high on you girl.

My girl, I wish you were here with me and we could walk through the park hand in hand.

I miss the times you told me you loved me and then kissed me, I miss the feel of your lips.

When the two of us are together, time goes a little faster, that's why I miss you more now.

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Tell me how to stop missing the person I love most in this world. I'm high on you baby

I want to be able to put my arms around you and kiss your head, I'm so intoxicated with you.

You're subconsciously on my mind all the time and I don't even want to know what to do.

With every step I take I hope to get a step closer to you because I miss you so much girl.

I think of you and I think of you in everything I do and I know I miss you.

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Honey, I hope we have more time together, that we can be together more, girl.

You were always my sunshine and now that you're gone darkness fills me, I'm blinded by you.

You are the star, you are my star, my guide, shining so bright, I miss you girl.

Every night feels so incomplete without you, I just wish you were here with me, I'm in awe of you.

There's a big hole in my heart since you decided to leave me.

Come back and together we'll face all of life's challenges, I'm so high on you baby.

If you just see how miserable I am without you, maybe you'll come back to me.

I feel dead every time you're not here. I hope we meet soon because I miss you.

I think missing you is the hardest part of the breakup, I wish we were together more often.

Even if you're gone for an hour or two, I still miss you so much, darling.

Missing quotes for her - WishesGreeting (1)

A single day with you is worth the thousand days we don't spend together.

Missing you is the ugliest and most painful thing I've ever suffered in my life.

I remember you when it snows, how you took my hand and warmed it, I miss you.

The hardest part about not seeing you is missing you because I can't stop girls.

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I don't even want to breathe when we're apart 'cause you're my air, I'm blinded by you darling.

Missing quotes for her - WishesGreeting (2)

If you knew how I feel right now you wouldn't leave me anymore, I miss you so much girl.

I wish I could be with you now, I could kiss you whenever I want, I miss you.

It's sad that we're not together now, but I'm glad I'm with you, I miss you so much.

Missing you isn't even a habit anymore, it's an addiction, I miss you desperately.

Missing quotes for her - WishesGreeting (3)

I miss being able to hug you every time we meet, wish you were here.

I really don't want much, all I want is to be able to hold your hand every day.

It rained once and you brought me an umbrella, since then I've been blinded by you.

It's so scary being apart from you, it's scarier than the monsters under the bed, I miss you.

Missing quotes for her - WishesGreeting (4)

Sometimes I want to travel to the other end of the world to be with you, I miss you so much!

Ever since the day you walked out of my life my soul has felt drained, I miss you.

I feel like I have to at least look at you to be happy, I miss you so much!

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I don't feel like the sunrise anymore since you're gone, I miss you.

Stay with me, stay with me, come with me and let's travel through life together, forever and ever.

Missing quotes for her - WishesGreeting (5)

I don't want to miss you, I want to be able to be with you every time I start to feel this way.

I want to be able to hold your hands, kiss you, hug you, and be with you whenever I feel like it.

Missing you is practically hell here on earth, wanting someone you can't even reach.

I feel empty like an empty drum when you're not here with me, I miss you girl.

Come to me girl and I'll show you how much I really feel for you because I'm in awe of you.

Every time I hear the phone ring or ring I think of you I'm so intoxicated on you my girl.

In the end all I can say is that I miss you so much more than yesterday, come back to me.

There are moments when I don't even know how to tell you that I miss you my girl, I really feel it.

Missing quotes for her - WishesGreeting (6)

There's a reason I miss you so much, it's your eyes, your lips, everything about you.

Being apart from you made me realize how much I really love you, I miss you so much.

I just want you to find it within you to come back to me because I really miss you.

I want to end this lost phase, let's go back to what we were before, I'm so drunk on you.

I'm so lucky to have a friend like you but unlucky to be apart, I'm high on you darling.

I know boys don't cry but I miss you so much right now I think so.

The sky is as blue as my love for you, infinite as the river, I'm blinded by your love!

My life feels so empty and incomplete without you here right now, I miss you so much.

When you're with me it feels like everything's alright, it feels wrong when you're gone.

I'm so scared to let you go because I know I'll miss you soon after, my baby.

I'm really heartbroken when you're not around because I'm so intoxicated with you.

I wish I could get away from this feeling of missing you 'cause it's so lonely here without you.

Stay here with me because I don't know what it would be like here without you, I miss you so much!

Missing quotes for her - WishesGreeting (7)

Let me be the first person to tell you how beautiful you are, come back here with me.

Girl you are one of the reasons I want to leave this place to be with you again.

I hope we can see each other one day because I miss you so much girl.

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