How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (2023)

Continuously uploading high quality content to Facebook is a difficult task. However, it's necessary because infrequent posts on Facebook can make you invisible in your audience's feed.

To make this daunting task easier, scheduling your Facebook posts is crucial.

Scheduling your Facebook posts in advance will help you:

  • Master the content publishing game.
  • Save time and effort with continuous posts.
  • Improve your engagement on social media.
  • Focus on being creative while automating the entire publishing process.
  • Connect and interact with a wider audience.

Amazing, right?

But the obvious problem is that,How to schedule a Facebook post?

There are two ways to schedule Facebook posts efficiently:

  1. use Facebook: Facebook has a built-in scheduler called the Meta Business Suite, which includes the ability to schedule Facebook posts.
  2. Facebook third-party developer: You can use Facebook publishing tools likesocial pilotFor social media planning with advanced features. To use SocialPilot for free, you must sign up for a free trial.

You must be wondering which tool to use, right?

SocialPilot or Meta Business: Which Tool is Right for You?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the application of the tool, the size of your team and your ultimate goals.

Meta Business Suite is a great tool for scheduling Facebook posts. However, if you are a marketing agency managing multiple brand accounts across multiple social media platforms, then using SocialPilot is the only logical choice.

For example,

  • You can only post to Facebook and Instagram with the Meta Business package. On the other hand, SocialPilot supports almost every platform that its customers use.
  • In Meta Business Suite, you cannot post to two or more pages at the same time. To post, you must switch between connected Facebook Pages. With SocialPilot, you can publish to multiple pages and platforms simultaneously from one interface.
  • Meta Business Suite also lacks the secure account management system available in SocialPilot. So, as an agency, you need to apply for brand credentials to claim a Facebook Page. They may be skeptical about sharing such confidential information.
  • Also, in the Meta business suite, only a limited level of access options are available for the staff management role. SocialPilot supports different access levels such as "administrative,""director,"e "content creator. "
  • Not to mention, Meta Business Suite lacks the customer approval workflow and bulk posting features found in SocialPilot.

If you're still feeling a little lost, here's a side-by-side comparison between SocialPilot and Meta Business Suite.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (1)

So if you're a large company looking to increase leads beyond scheduling and posting to Facebook, consider using a third-party scheduling tool like SocialPilot.

How do I schedule Facebook posts with SocialPilot?

If you're looking for a reliable and free social media developer to help you use Facebook, check out SocialPilot and sign up for a free trial! The tool allows you to easily schedule and publish posts to your Facebook pages and groups in one place.

SocialPilot goes beyond Facebook's scheduled posting features and allows continuous automated posting with advanced features.

Now, comes the question – how can I schedule a Facebook post in 2023?

Let's see how to schedule Facebook posts using SocialPilot.

Step 1: Link your accounts

First, login to SocialPilot and connect your Facebook page.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (2)

If you're a business and want to link a customer's account, you can send the customer an invite link. Later, they can provide access to their social media accounts without providing their credentials.

Step 2: Manage your account

Once the account is connected, you will be redirected to "Account Management"Page. Here you will see your linked accounts. If you hover over an account, you'll see something like "to analyze,""Account Suspension","processing,"e "delete. "

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (3)

If you analyze your account well, you will be able to know when your audience is active on the platform. You can use this knowledge to create custom time periods for specific pages or accounts in SocialPilot.

To create a time range for an account, hover over it and clickpencil icon. "

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (4)

Select dates and add time periods based on your analysis.

Step 3: Create a post

Now that the accounts are connected and the period updated, it's time to create some posts!

With SocialPilot's post editor, you can create and customize your posts with advanced features like:

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (5)
  • Add media and GIFs: It has a simple upload feature, you can upload photos and videos directly from Dropbox or your computer to use in posts or rolls. You can also add photos from Google Drive. The tool also helps you add GIFs to add animation to your posts.
  • Easy tagging options: To increase your reach, SocialPilot allows you to tag another Facebook account. In addition, the tool allows you to mark targeted locations.
  • Custom graphics and emojis: Use the built-in editor to edit, crop or apply filters to your images before publishing them to the world. You can also get creative using the Canva integration within the tool.
  • Post moderation with moderate sharing: Manage each post by defining preferred and restricted audiences.
  • Boost your post and call-to-action capabilities:Boost post works wonders for your organic posts while driving more conversations with its call-to-action buttons.
  • UTM parameters: This feature allows you to create and edit UTM parameter sets in the tool. Add them to posts you want to follow.

You can also customize your post as per the social media platform you want to post it on. When selecting Facebook, you can see the "postal"e "reel"Ear. In the Coil tab you will find different customization options.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (6)

You can also preview the post by clicking"Publish preview."If you're not happy with how your post looks in your feed, please adjust it.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (7)

Step 4: Select account and schedule posts

You are almost there!

Once you've created your ideal post, select the page or account you want to post it on.

A secret ninja technique: You can create a set of accounts and pages by clicking onclub"in the sidebar. Select a group and all accounts in that group will be selected.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (8)

This saves you the hassle of selecting multiple accounts with a single click. cool, right?

Your post is now ready for scheduling.

Click on the arrow next toAdd to Queue"Open the drop-down menu. Here you can find options like"Share Now""share next""Scheduled Release",e"Duplicate version."

Remember that custom deadline we mentioned earlier? That's why it is.

if you choose"Add to Queue"The post will be scheduled for the next available time.

if you chooseshare the next, the post will be scheduled in the next time period after the defined schedule time.

Create your custom time ranges to save yourself the hassle of entering dates and start planning.

"Share Now"As the name suggests, your post will be published immediately.

Now, select the option “Arrange shipping. "

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (9)

You will see a pop-up window, enter the date and time you want your post to be published and click on"program."

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (10)

The truth is, your followers aren't online 24/7, so there's a good chance they'll miss your posts.

After putting a lot of time and effort into your Facebook posts, you should give them a second chance.

By posting repeatedly using Facebook's scheduled posting feature, you can reach audiences you missed the first time and gain engagement, traffic, leads, and sales along the way.

To repeat a post on SocialPilot, you can choose"refuel"from Post Composer or click"+ Add program"In the timeline post popup.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (11)

To look! Your Facebook post is scheduled!

But what if you want to schedule 5 posts together, or 50 or 500 posts?

How to group scheduling posts on Facebook using SocialPilot?

If you schedule your posts a month in advance, it can get a little annoying to schedule each post individually.

Unlike the native Meta Business Suite, SocialPilot can schedule batches of up to500 posts at a time!

Can you do that:

navigation"Position"in the sidebar and click"Batch Scheduling"choices.

Drag and drop your CSV file.Make sure your CSV file does not exceed 500 records.

What is a CSV file?

Comma Separated Values ​​(CSV) files are plain text files that contain lists of data. CSV files are used in various applications. They help big companies and companies to export large amounts of data to more powerful databases.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (12)

After uploading the file, you will be taken to the preview window. You can view each post along with the text content.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (13)

you will see tooposts with an accounteuncountable posts.

An account post is one for which you have provided an account ID in the CSV file.

Publications without an account are publications for which you have not selected an account ID in the CSV file.

You can select an account individually by clicking on the dropdown box to the right of each post or by clicking on"Select Account"Enrollment.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (14)

From here you can choose an account for the rest of the posts. Now, if you apply the ninja technique I mentioned earlier, one click is all it takes.

After selecting an account, click Schedule.

Finish! It's so easy to schedule multiple Facebook posts at once!

How do I edit a scheduled Facebook post in SocialPilot?

What if you get Facebook programming wrong? Perhaps there was a typo in the text, the date has changed, or you just want to delete it!

Editing a post is as easy as scheduling a Facebook post. Just go to the SocialPilot sidebar and clickPosition>post management.

Here you will find several functions such as:

  • messages in the queue: This is a list of scheduled posts.
  • out of plan: This post may fall into the Unplanned category for a few reasons. Click to learn more.
  • error: Contains posts rejected by the Social Media API.
  • Published: Reflects the number of posts shared over the past 90-120 days.
  • pending approval: Posts not approved by customers or managers who are unaware of your company's or business's social media strategy.

In the queue of posts, hover over the post you want to edit and click the pencil icon.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (15)

If you want to reschedule a post, click the arrow next to it"share now; a drop-down menu will open. click"was rescheduledand enter the updated date and time.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (16)

Simple and easy, right?

SocialPilot makes Facebook programming easy and offers a hassle-free experience. With this platform, you can manage your Facebook marketing like a pro.

How to Schedule Facebook Posts Using Meta Business Suite

As I mentioned earlier, which tool is best for you depends entirely on your application and the end goal of that tool.

If you are an individual marketer or a small business managing your own social media accounts and posts primarily on Facebook and Instagram, Meta Business Suite is an ideal choice.

Meta Business Suite, formerly known as Facebook Business Suite, is being renewed in 2021, when Facebook changes its name to Meta.

If you're already familiar with Facebook Business Suite, the process of scheduling a Facebook post is no different.

If you're new to this, don't worry, it's not difficult.

Steps to schedule a Facebook post using Meta Business Suite

To start scheduling your Facebook posts, you need to have a dedicated business page. You cannot use your personal account. If you haven't created a business page yet, please loginFacebookand create your business page.

Once your Facebook business page is ready, all you have to do is follow a few quick and easy steps.

How to schedule a Facebook post (step by step):

  1. Go to and click Login
  2. Click "Create Post"
  3. upload your media
  4. Select "Schedule" from the scheduling options
  5. Enter a date and time and click Schedule.

Here is a visual representation of the above steps:

Step 1: Go tobusiness.facebook.comand click Connect.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (17)

You will be asked to log in to your Facebook account if you are not already logged in.

Step 2: Click on"Create post".

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (18)

Step 3: Upload your media as requested - images, videos, text and gifs

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (19)

insideposting tosection, you can choose whether you want to post to both Instagram and Facebook or just one of them.

In the right column, you'll see a preview of your post, available on both mobile and desktop. You can edit your post if it doesn't look right.

Step 4: Select “Schedule” from the scheduling optionsRelease now, scheduled,e"Save as Clipboard".

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (20)

Click Schedule.

Step 5: Enter a date and time and click "Schedule"

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (21)

After clicking Plan, you will be redirected to the Planner where you can view your scheduled posts.

What if you want to change a scheduled post?

See how you do it.

  • navigation"posts and storiesIn Meta Business Suite and click on"reserva.Here you will find all the posts you have scheduled.
  • Click in "three hours"The post you want to change.
  • You will have a drop down menu with optionsEdit, duplicate posts, reschedule posts, move to drafts, delete posts,ecopy post id.
How to Schedule a Facebook Post in 2023 (22)

That's it!

Now you know how to schedule Facebook posts, but how do you make the most of your schedule?

Follow these effective tips for maximum benefits.

Tips and strategies for scheduling your Facebook posts

1. Choose Your Program Wisely

You must be careful when choosing your program times and dates. A Facebook post scheduler won't help if you don't know when your posts will get high engagement. You need to know when your target audience uses Facebook and is most likely to interact with your posts.

Research your target audience and findThe best times to post on Facebook, before continuing with your program.

2. Align with the brand's voice and image

Don't rush your content creation. The idea of ​​content scheduling is to relieve you of the burden of publishing so that you can focus on maintaining quality when creating content.

So, don't forget to keep all brand guidelines in mind and don't rush to create high quality content. Always maintain your brand essence while organizing various content.

3. Be flexible with your content schedule

The internet space is constantly changing and new trends are disrupting the social space. You don't want to be so strict with your content posts and forget about them once set in Facebook's scheduler. Make sure you post relevant, engaging and popular content every time.

Always check your scheduled posts to avoid possible backlash if you have scheduled content that is inconsistent with the current situation.

4. Don't overdo it.

I have1 billion storiesPost to the Facebook app. It's an impressive number, right? That's just the story. Imagine the number of posts shared between Facebook apps!

So you don't want to overwhelm your audience by bombarding them with social media posts. But don't schedule your posts either. You need to strike a balance in your scheduling patterns.

Knowing your posting frequency is key, and you should adjust it based on your business and industry goals.

Now, you're all set!

to create. program. release.

If you want to get rid of repetitive programming tasks and focus more on the productive part of social media marketing. If so, Facebook Post Scheduler is a must for you.

There are limitations to using Facebook's built-in scheduler that can prevent your social media strategy from reaching its full potential. That's why an advanced social media marketing management tool like SocialPilot is essential.

So make an informed decision about your social media marketing efforts.

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