Every Main Character In Jurassic World Dominion Ranked From Worst To Best - /movie (2023)

Every Main Character In Jurassic World Dominion Ranked From Worst To Best - /movie (1)

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The latest Jurassic World movie was laden with far too many expectations, more than it could handle, to be honest. After the brave finale of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, a new world order comes into effect as the human population learns to live alongside the surviving dinosaurs of Isla Nublar. While this has the potential for a whole new type of story set in this world, the film quickly returns to the same template we've seen multiple times.

The main reason people see thisFilme "Jurassic Park"It's for the dinosaurs. In the past, however, the series has given us some of the greatest movie characters of all time, and Jurassic World Dominion has a much larger main cast than any of the previous films. That means it's a little tight, and unfortunately the combination of stars from both Jurassic Park franchises gives it a disjointed feel, with the dinosaurs often coming across as an afterthought.

That being said, there are some characters that impress. Here's our list of the main characters, ranked from worst to best.

12. Barry Sembène

Every Main Character In Jurassic World Dominion Ranked From Worst To Best - /movie (2)

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To director Colin Trevorrow's credit, Jurassic World Dominion struggles to establish any continuity with the other films in the franchise. Early on we get cameos from Franklin Webb (Justice Wilson) and Zia Rodriguez (Daniela Pineda), but what makes the biggest impression is Omar Sy as Barry Sembene, Owen's velociraptor trainer boyfriend, who we haven't seen since Jurassic World have seen. . 🇧🇷

Since Jurassic World closed, Barry has been recruited by the CIA (along with several other park employees) and acts as a point of contact for Owen and Claire as they search for Maisie (Isabella Sermon) when the hunters kidnap her. Sy is effortlessly gorgeous as Barry and brings plenty of natural charisma to the role (and we'd love to see a full movie following his team as he tracks down illegally smuggled dinosaurs). Unfortunately, he's sadly underused and doesn't get much characterization beyond what we've known of him since his first appearance. It would have been great if he had accompanied the heroes for the rest of the film, but unfortunately he wouldn't, hence his low ranking on this list.

11. Soyona Santos

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The most memorable part of the film is the action-packed sequence that takes place in Malta, where we encounter a black market for buying and selling dinosaurs. It's a lively and funny sequel that showcases the many nefarious things the criminal element uses dinosaurs to do (staging dinosaur fights, roasting smaller dinosaurs on skewers, and selling herbivores as fancy pets).

Dichen Lachman's enigmatic Soyona Santos fits perfectly into this colorful setting. She looks like she stepped off the set of a James Bond movie, immaculately dressed and armed with a high-tech gadget that allows her to arm atrociraptors to attack anyone she chooses. She's the one coordinating Maisie's kidnapping, unfazed by the CIA and the dinosaurs while calmly negotiating a bigger bounty from BioSyn while on the run from the film's heroes.

Like Barry, he would have been at the top of our list had he returned later in the film. So she inexplicably returns to the crime scene to be arrested. She adds a welcome level of eccentricity to her scenes and it would have been great if she had developed a bit more. So his appearance is limited to the best sequence of the film, which is not nearly as bad as the consolation prizes.

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10. Maisie Lockwood

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Aside from the retelling and reverse engineering of her backstory, the development of Maisie Lockwood (Isabella Sermon) is one of the film's most disappointing storylines. Introduced in the previous film, she is the genetically altered clone of Benjamin Lockwood's (James Cromwell) daughter, who introduces herself as his granddaughter. As the person who unleashed the dinosaurs on the world, you'd think she would have an interesting arc in this film, possibly wrestling with her conscience over the consequences of her actions or coming to terms with her new identity. Unfortunately, this is barely touched upon and its plot is frustrating.

Isabella Sermon is particularly strong in scenes without dialogue (particularly a beautiful opening sequence where she helps push an apatosaurus out of the way), but it's a shame that the cliche characterization lets her down. Rather than having a personality, she is portrayed simply as a stereotypical brooding teenager, and lacks chemistry with her surrogate parents. Also, the meandering plot about the truth of their biological origins, while good in itself, kills the momentum and essentially serves as a distraction from the dinosaurs. Let's face it, that's the main reason we're going to watch a Jurassic World movie.

9. Henry Wu

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The one constant in the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films, BD Wong's doctor Wu has had patchy progression in the new trilogy. First introduced in a brief appearance in the original Jurassic Park, he appears in Jurassic World as a rather cranky and intellectually arrogant character with a yuppy appearance. In "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" he then becomes more naïve and idealistic.

In Jurassic World Dominion we find Wu at his lowest point. He appears to live in the depths of the BioSyn lab, where his new employer, Lewis Dodgson (Campbell Scott), casually dismisses his concerns about bioengineered lobsters. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the reclusive Howard Hughes, he has a shy demeanor and a new, vaguely hippie haircut completely at odds with his earlier characterization. The film attempts something of a redemption arc for his character as he deals with a crisis of conscience over the aftermath of BioSyn's actions.

Wu is fascinated by Maisie's existence and shamed by Dodgson's callous attitude towards the natural resource crisis of Dodgson's own making. This subplot is dropped very quickly, and again Wu takes a backseat for much of the film. However, he still does his best to atone for the arrogance he has shown in previous films. Still, it would have been more satisfying if he had paid for his ignorance and greed with a heavy dose of poetic justice.

8. Ramsay Cole

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Ramsay Cole (Mamoudou Athie), introduced as the protégé of the villain Lewis Dodgson, is the first person Alan and Ellie (Sam Neil and Laura Dern) meet when they arrive at BioSyn headquarters. At first, he's a vaguely sinister presence in the film who keeps an eye on the two paleontologists as they sneak around looking for evidence of Dodgson's nefarious activities. His true motivations are ambiguous until it is revealed that he is working undercover to bring down BioSyn from the inside.

Mamoudou Athie plays the role effortlessly cool, and his character is enigmatic and calm under pressure. Even after he's been exposed as a whistleblower, it sounds like he could still be a villain, and honestly, given the film's lack of human antagonists, that could have been more interesting. Thus, as the film progresses, his role becomes confusing. It seems clear to everyone but Dodgson that Ramsay is the one spying on him, and he ends up saying it to Dodgson's face, only to avoid suffering any consequences for his betrayal. He just walks away.

Ramsay doesn't have the personality or vulnerability of Franklin Webb from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and his true intent is unclear for most of the runtime. Still, Athie is an interesting character. Too bad it doesn't have a bigger impact on the story.

7. Lewis Dodgeson

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"Dodgson! We have Dodgson here!"

Lewis Dodgson, another recurring character from the first film albeit played by a different actor with Campbell replacing Scott Cameron Thor, is the character who provided Denis Nedry (Wayne Knight) with the fateful can of shaving cream and is the main villain of Michael's novels is . crichton , so it's exciting to see he finally has a starring role in the film series.

Scott's take on the character will certainly be divisive, but for us it almost succeeds. It turns Dodgson into an ineffective tech genius who is nonetheless clueless when it comes to communicating or empathizing with his team. He has a charming way of speaking, accompanied by a combination of sighs, mumbles and verbal tics that make him instantly unpopular. It's a shame the script lets him down, leaving him relentlessly but uniquely ineffective as a villain. It's not imposing or spooky at all, and it's surprisingly short-sighted. He doesn't realize that Ramsay cheated on him and when he finds out, nothing comes of it.

However, he's an intriguing character who bears a close resemblance to a number of tech gurus, but he's a pretty weak antagonist, especially after Rafe Spall's overtly evil villain in Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. Dodgson's ending serves as a good reflection of Nedry in the original film, but it would have been nice if he had done more to deserve his fate.

6. Owen Grady

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how do you do itChris Prattin your movie and make it boring?

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Former Jurassic World Velociraptor trainer Owen is now in hiding with his surrogate daughter Maisie, spends his time battling Parasaurolophus on a horse in the wilderness, and is dying to be a foster parent. After two movies that have insisted this is the coolest character to ever walk the world, Owen is oddly brooding and dark, with a pretty bland performance from Pratt. Like it or not, he's been a charismatic and dynamic presence in previous films, but now, perhaps due to the sheer number of actors in this film, he's barely registered as a character. It seems it's calling.

He may not show the personality of the previous films, but he launches into impressive stunts, runs, jumps and climbs trees with ease. The motorcycle chase is really exciting as he dodges two atrociraptors and makes an incredible jump into a plane.

Also, the hand gesture he makes to calm the dinosaurs ages very quickly. This was introduced in "Jurassic World" to calm down the velociraptors he specially trained, but does it somehow work on all dinosaurs now? It happens all too often, and towards the end of the film it provides the basis for a particularly mundane attempt at pathos.

5. Ellie Satler

Every Main Character In Jurassic World Dominion Ranked From Worst To Best - /movie (9)

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The Colin Trevorrow film's biggest selling point is the return of the three stars of the original Jurassic Park, reunited for the first time in almost 30 years. Of the three characters, Ellie Satler (Laura Dern) is the one who has changed and matured the most since her last appearance in Jurassic Park 3. She still works as a paleobotanist and is actively involved in researching the role of BioSyn in the depletion of crops by bioengineered giant locusts. She tracks the bugs to the Dodgson Research Facility and recruits her old friend Alan Grant (Sam Neill) to help her in a scene that mimics John Hammond's (Richard Attenborough) introduction to Jurassic Park.

Now estranged from her husband (much to Grant's interest), Satler advances the story in a way she never could in her previous appearances, taking on a much more dynamic role as Grant accompanying the ride. It kept up in a way that both the old-fashioned Grant and, to a lesser extent, Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) and Laura Dern plays great against her former co-stars.

It's especially nice to see her rekindle her fondness for cute herbivores, and her chemistry with Grant and Malcolm seems to be consistent with when we last saw the three of them together. The moment he describes Malcolm "sliding into his DMs," much to Grant's bewilderment, is one of the few moments in the film where he finds himself laughing out loud. It's a shame that she fades into the background a bit as the film progresses, but her final reconciliation with Grant is a beautiful moment for both characters, even if it smacks of fanservice.

4. Claire darling

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Bryce Dallas Howard's character Claire Dearing is still incredibly irritating (and it's still unclear why she didn't go to jail for her actions in any of the previous films), but she's growing up a bit in Jurassic World Dominion. Ultimately, he feels genuine remorse for his role in the botched restart of the park and new ecosystem, and his clumsy attempts to communicate with the feisty Maisie are poignant, even as he works his way through some really clunky dialogue.

The problem with his character is that, once again, Howard and Chris Pratt don't make a very compelling pairing. As such, Howard is most impressive in the scenes where she is alone and trying to get back to the others. Her encounters with dinosaurs are far more tense, largely because she is more fallible and more likely to be eaten than the incredibly competent Owen. The scene in which Claire must escape the incredibly terrifying Therizinosaurus is the series' most memorable and unique dinosaur scenario, in which Howard wordlessly expresses her terror as she silently plunges into a pool of water to avoid detection.

3. Sam Neill als Alan Grant

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Alan Grant, veteran paleontologist and hero of the first Jurassic Park, is a little more weathered, a little grumpy, and a little more confused, but he's still the same character. He remains awkward around other people (particularly children) and is reluctant to engage in anything that would take him away from his beloved fossil digs.

True to character, the only reason she gets involved is because of Ellie Satler, who still is.clearly possessedWith. Like Satler, Grant is less busy as the film progresses, but he is also more overtly comedic than in his earlier appearances. Sam Neill infuses all sorts of subtle mannerisms into his character, making him a tongue-in-cheek, comedic, often hapless hero. He's still a technophobe who trusts Satler and is reluctant to touch the giant lobsters. Still, he proves his worth when he and his companions take on a herd of Dimetrodons in the tunnels beneath the laboratory. There's another good moment later when Grant puts aside his differences with Ian Malcolm, takes his arm and saves him, although he still finds it deeply irritating.

2. Ian Malcolm

Every Main Character In Jurassic World Dominion Ranked From Worst To Best - /movie (12)

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There's a lot more to Jeff Goldblum's iconic chaotic rock star than his previous appearance in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Luckily, he's still the same idiosyncratic Ian Malcolm, albeit a little tougher than before. He plays a much more active role in this film and of the original cast he stands out the most, effectively saving the day on several occasions and being the funniest character in the film. He also launches a characteristically scathing tirade against the venal Lewis Dodgson, his former employer against whom he quietly gathered evidence while serving as BioSyn's resident philosopher.

Goldblum was always improvising, and while it's unclear how many of its improvised lines made it into the final version, it accounts for its entertaining performance. In one really amusing moment, he notices that his shirt is unbuttoned, but in a meta-comment about how many years he's aged, instead of turning around and posing dramatically like in "Jurassic Park," he just shyly buttons it. . . high. Its standout heroic moment is also one of the few scenes that doesn't feel made up. Instead, it provides a perfect arc for your character. Malcolm stays calm and collected as he takes on the Giganotosaurus.

1. Kayla Watt

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The introduction of a new addition to the cast who then steals the movie from under the supposed heroes' noses shouldn't be allowed in the series finale, but DeWanda Wise's laconic mercenary Kayla Watts turns out to be the show's most interesting character. . "Jurassic World" trilogy. feel manufactured.

Kayla Watts introduces herself as a pilot hired to transport illegal goods (and dinosaurs) to the infamous BioSyn. Ambiguous at first, he changes his mind after witnessing Maisie's transport and confronting a distraught Claire. She is responsible for some of the best moments in the film. Wise plays his character perfectly to the point with a dry performance that highlights some particularly cheesy dialogue.

Because she is not part of the main group, her encounters with the various dinosaurs have an unpredictability and suspense absent in similar scenes starring the series. With a similar military background and a passing knowledge of dinosaurs, she's also a much more plausible and fitting match for Owen than Claire. It's also worth noting that Chris Pratt has a lot more chemistry with Wise than he does with Bryce Dallas Howard. Just as we now regard Pete Postlethwaite's honorable mercenary Roland Tembo as one of the best characters in the franchise, Kayla is the standout character in the new trilogy, and quite frankly it's a shame she's never appeared in a movie before. 🇧🇷


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