Credit for Minor Sentence • Detroit's New Greenway • Son Attacks Father With Ax (2023)

Lawyers want a credit system to shorten prisoners' sentences

At a state House hearing on Tuesday, proponents of the so-called productivity credit program want inmates to be released early after completing professional training and education programs.

wednesday hot news-Under current Michigan law, before an inmate can be released, he or she must serve a minimum sentence.

At a state House hearing on Tuesday, proponents of the so-called productivity credit program want inmates to be released early after completing professional training and education programs.

"These are common sense anti-crime bills," said attorney Priscilla Bordayo. “Productivity credits have been shown to motivate incarcerated people to participate in work and rehabilitation programs such as education and training.

"These rehabilitation programs have been shown to reduce recidivism, make people less likely to reoffend, and increase safety."

However, various law enforcement entities argue that crime victims need certainty of conviction to be cured.

"A lot of victims who have been sentenced to someone, they're going to serve a certain number (of years) and that's fine with them, and for the next 20 years, they won't have to worry about that person," he said. said Robert Stevenson of the Michigan Association of Police Chiefs.

Another opponent argued that dangerous criminals of all types, including arsonists, would be eligible for reduced prison terms under the plan. Representative Graham Filler is on the Criminal Justice Committee.

(Video) Teen caught smiling during sentencing in murder of Ann Arbor student

"Some of those crimes are domestic violence, arson, attempted murder -- you can get a reduced sentence and get out of jail sooner," said Filer of District R-93.

Supporters of the legislation argue that victims would be notified if sentences were reduced.

The crime survivor argued that the state's current probation program has barriers that prevent criminals from leaving. He said he would feel safer if the plan was approved.

“These barriers make it more likely that they will return to a life of crime,” said Elle Travis. "These incentives worked. They changed lives and kept people out of trouble."

At that reading, it was unclear whether there was a vote to change the parole program.

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New greenway opens in Detroit

DetroitWhen the city opens its new riverside lane on Wednesday, the ride will be even more enjoyable. After a year of construction, the Southwest Greenway was officially opened. An important part of the larger plan for the Detroit River Conservation Area is the construction of a 27.5-mile road, called the Joe Louis Greenway, that will connect the riverfront to central Michigan.

It also connects many other neighboring communities to an expanding network of trails and paths along the Detroit River. The opening of the Southwest Greenway will include figures from the city, Ford and a range of non-profit organizations seeking to further beautify the waterfront. It will be unveiled at 2:30 pm. Wednesday.

Credit for Minor Sentence • Detroit's New Greenway • Son Attacks Father With Ax (1)

When the Greenway project started, it brought renderings that showed trees dotting the landscape where people could run, walk, bike and play along the shoreline. While the riverfront has won raves celebrating its status as a notable national tourist attraction, a walk along the river suggests the city isn't keen on slowing down.

In addition to Corktown, the trail will also help connect Detroit's upcoming "Mobility Belt" around the old train station. It will also be connected to a newly designed website called Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Centennial Park.

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Son attacks father with ax

a man is accusedHe attacked his father with an ax on Monday nightexistSouthfieldJames Darby, 51, is in critical condition.After being hit by an axIn the 25000 block of Orchard Grove, around 11am.

"The nurse said his vitals were good. He wasn't necessarily conscious and he couldn't see anything, but I saw movement," said Darby's brother, James Muhammad. The 22-year-old son, who has no criminal record and may be mentally challenged, fled in his father's pickup truck, police said.

Son attacks father with ax in Southfield

Police say a 51-year-old man is in critical condition after he was attacked with an ax at his Southfield home before his truck was taken away.

"We just want to make sure my brother is in better health so he can get on with his life. My nephew has the help he needs," Mohammad said. The suspect was pulled over and arrested by the Michigan State Police, who issued a warning. Police officers said they found a bloody ax during the stop.

Southfield Police Chief Elvin Barren said: "A search of the area near the vehicle located the ax used in the crime and there is definitely crime scene evidence on that axe." He was indicted on Wednesday for attempted murder.


(Video) Sentencing for men convicted of shooting 2-year-old on I-75

Man, 51, in critical condition after son attacked him with an ax in Southfield

A man has been accused of attacking his father with an ax in Southfield on Monday night.

Skincare brand faces backlash after pairing MSU shot with ad campaign

A skincare company has faced backlash after it paid a social media influencer to promote its new nose strips, tying the care they provide to helping it overcome the trauma of a mass shooting.

Influencers are graduates of Michigan State University. In a video posted to TikTok, Cecily Max-Brown spoke about the "countless obstacles" in recent years, "from school shootings to not knowing what life after college would be like".

Skincare company faces backlash after linking MSU injections to nasal strips

When Bioré Skincare paid an influencer to create a sponsored ad selling nasal strips in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, many people were upset. However, they provoked a backlash online for connecting the trauma of the MSU shooting to the conversation.

In support of Mental Health Awareness Month, she says she's teaming up with Bioré Skincare to "kill stress." The ad campaign drew backlash online from other MSU alumni, upsetting the companyshocking tragic shootingsThis resulted in the deaths of three students and injuries to several others during the sale of the product.

In response to the backlash, the brand said that "an extremely serious tragedy lacked sensitivity and our tone was completely inappropriate. We apologize deeply."

Oxford schools consider buying emergency gun safes

After Tragedy, Oxford School DistrictKeep finding a wayAdded security to prevent this from happening again.

One answer might include purchasing state-of-the-art gun safes for school resource officers, where the only access is by optical scanning. The safe in question was built in Brighton by 360 Life Safety, the proposal was presented at a school meeting on Tuesday.

(Video) Mother reacts to sentencing

It can only be accessed by optical scanning. Inside are long guns and body armor provided by school resource officers, private security, or the sheriff's office. At a school board meeting, someone suggested buying two or even six safes for around $8,000 to $9,000 each.

Oxford school district gun safety proposal sparks controversy

One idea for securing Oxford schools is the use of state-of-the-art security lockers, with the only access provided by optical scanning.

The proposal met with mixed reactions. The proposal would only allow school resource officers to use safes - but many parents don't believe this is the right way to make Oxford schools safer.

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Temperatures today will be slightly lower than the previous days as the cold front brings some strong winds that will bring the temperature down. Even a little frost is to be expected in northern communities.

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Dew and cold front crossings!

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what are we looking at

  1. The plane crash will be simulated on Wednesday, while teams conduct an emergency drill on Wednesday in the Detroit River. It is expected to be one of the largest drills ever held in the state.
  2. This is the end of the Polish Fair of St. Mary? Orchard Lake's long tradition may be coming to an end after the Covid hiatus.Read more here.
  3. New legislation endorsed by several Michigan law enforcement groups would create a trust fund to help fund police services in cities, towns and villages. House Speaker Joe Tate (D-Detroit) will oversee the legislation.
  4. Detroit's population loss continued to have an impact this week, with new reports that the city is no longer the largest black-majority city in the United States. Next is Memphis, according to local media. The mayor argued that the Census Bureau numbers were wrong.
  5. Sam Bernstein's law firm fueled 100 Detroit subway drivers on Wednesday. However, the location of the free gas gift has yet to be announced. Details will be released on social media at 3:30 pm.

1 Year After the Uvalde, Texas Shooting, Investigation into Police Response Continues

The Texas criminal investigation into police inaction in the Robb Elementary School shooting remains ongoing Wednesday.It's been a year since 19 children and two teachers were killed by gunmenIn a fourth-grade classroom at Uvaldi.

The ongoing investigation highlights the lasting impact of the deadliest shooting in Texas and how, in the days after the attack, authorities downplayed efforts to apprehend a teenage gunman armed with an AR-style rifle. Precise and contradictory claims.

The investigation coincides with a renewed wave of public outrage over gun violence in the US, with renewed calls for tighter gun controls and legal challenges to Uvaldi authorities' continued retention of public records about the shooting and police response.


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