79+ Rihanna song titles are BEST for Instagram photos (2023)

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The charismatic singer Rihanna is the darling of millions of people around the world. Her songs made people dance and Rihanna's captions are perfect for Instagram photos.

Rihanna's full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, she is a singer, actress and businesswoman. Rihanna's unmistakable feel needs no introduction, her singing has mesmerized the entire world.

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RihannaAge 35 years old in 2023 born in Saint Michael, Barbados on February 20, 1988. We are not going to go into details, here we have specially got you covered with selected lyrics that go very well with the Instagram photo.

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Social media is littered with images, and few of them stand out just because they're filled with meaningful captions. Now get ready to show off your music photos with Rihanna Quotes For Instagram.


  • I only see signs. I only see dollar signs.
  • Am I scaring you tonight?
  • Bitch, you better have my money
  • Because all my goodness is mistaken for weakness.
  • Because I may be bad, but I'm perfect at this.
  • Chasing that American dream.
  • Here's to the damn weekend.
  • Didn't they tell you I'm a savage?
  • Don't look back, keep going and the shadows will never find you.
  • Don't say you miss me, just come find me.
  • It's easy for a good girl to go bad.
  • Everyone cheers, so no one starts an argument.
  • eye to eye, so alive
  • Feel so good, feel so bad
  • It's so good to be bad.
  • Find the light in the beautiful sea, I choose to be happy.
  • Four hours and we're not going home because I have more money.
  • Fuck your white horse and carriage.
  • I put on my Ray-Bans and I feel great tonight.
  • I bet you want to know what my team is all about, you really want to know how we do it.
  • Vim de Neverland.
  • Gotta do things my way, honey.
  • I see you pointing to my pedestal.
  • I swear I wish someone would challenge me.
  • I'd rather smoke weed every time we breathe.
  • I get silly with all my friends.
  • I'm so clean, I feel so dirty.
  • I'll make you swallow your pride.
  • This is where Coyote becomes Ugly, not Tyra.
  • It's not even my birthday yet, but he wants to lick the icing off the cake.
  • Let me know when you're ready to bleed, honey. All you have to do is send it to me.
  • He looks so bombastic he's going to find me treasure.
  • Find me up, up, up, feeling lonely.
  • You might be angry in the morning, but you know we're going to hit hard tonight.
  • Now I'm four and five seconds away from madness.
  • Oh, put the Jameson down.
  • Vaccinations for customers, can I get a top-up? I have more money.
  • Pay me what you owe me.
  • Phresh off track.
  • Put my wants and needs above your resistance.

Rihanna's Instagram Captions

79+ Rihanna song titles are BEST for Instagram photos (2)
  • 'Cause if you never see the light, it's hard to know which one of us is giving in
  • 4 hours and we're not going home
  • All I want to see you is just skin
  • And now prints, photos and white outlines.
  • They're all that's left at the crime scene
  • Dancing bigger than LeBron
  • bitch better have my money
  • But he wants to lick the icing off the cake
  • I can't wait to blow out my candles
  • cold case of love
  • like like
  • come here baby
  • fresh off the track
  • It's funny that you're the broken one, but I'm the one that needed saving
  • give me your money
  • I extend my middle finger
  • had to take me back
  • Givenchy jumps, hein?
  • Hey boy I really want to be with you cause you're my type
  • Hey boy I really wanna see if you can go to town with a girl like me
  • I can see the dark lights flashing
  • I can see the storm, I can see the sky
  • I chose to be happy
  • I don't want to smoke these cigarettes anymore
  • I know you want this for the worst
  • I know you're out there like the ice cream man
  • I let it be fire
  • I will show you how to move
  • when I open my eyes
  • It's like you're my favorite drug
  • It's not even my birthday, but he wants to lick the frosting, I know you want more, I can't wait to blow out my candles.
  • better kiss him
  • Your love hit me like a bullet in the center, I flew until you knocked me to the ground
  • it was brrap, brrap, brrap
  • How sunlight gives new meaning to life
  • lost not paradise
  • sunset music
  • sem jeans,
  • love is not allowed
  • No need to stress, (no need to stress)
  • Oh, you're the reason I think
  • Press play
  • quarter lo
  • quarter lo
  • Red lipstick, rose petals, heartbreak.
  • rock this club
  • rock that skirt
  • Rockstar 101
  • tough guy

Rihanna Quotes for Instagram

  • Sell ​​me candy like it's summer when it melts in my hands
  • She may be the queen of hearts, but I'll be the queen of her body parts.
  • Shine bright like a diamond.
  • Sitting in a hole in Monte Carlo, we were both heartbroken
  • So go ahead and let the rain fall I'll be everything you need and more.
  • So shine, tonight you and me.
  • Stay away from my Instagram, pure temptation.
  • wake it up
  • The only problem is that you used me.
  • Throw it down, watch it fall from the sky
  • I told you I'll be here forever
  • Tonight
  • Try to solve your internal problems with a bad bitch...
  • umbrella
  • I want to feel your skin
  • we found Love

Rihanna subtitles for Instagram

  • We found love in a hopeless place…
  • We are beautiful like diamonds in the sky.
  • We are like diamonds in the sky.
  • What is my name
  • When the sun shines, we shine together
  • Where do girls talk nonsense? Where are they? Where are they? Where are they?
  • Who cares if it looks like crack?
  • Against who do you think?
  • work work work work work work work
  • You see me, you like it, huh?
  • Everyone should know me well enough.
  • You are a beast, oh
  • You and I are beautiful like diamonds in the sky
  • You're the person I dream about all day, you're the person I always think about.
  • you know i like it
  • Would you like to dance
  • I see you are a shooting star, a vision of ecstasy.
  • You're in the city of wonders, don't play nice.
  • You are part of my being, here for infinity.

The Legend of Rihanna's Song

For parties and fun photos.

  • Four O'clock and We're Not Going Home - "Pour It Up"
  • I think I've had enough / Might as well get a little drunk - 'FourFiveSeconds'
  • I'm too enlightened to faint a little - "Wild Thoughts"
  • Vaccinations for customers, can I get a top-up? - 'Fill'
  • Rocking This Club / I Raised My Middle Finger - "Rockstar 101"
  • Turn it up Rihanna while the whole club is lost - "B*tch Better Have My Money"
  • White girl lost in that brown liquor - "Wild Thoughts"

for the haters

  • All my haters so fucked up they lower their voice - 'Pose'
  • Get Haters Out of Your Circle: 'Dem Haters'
  • Go, go, bye, see you later - 'Fading'
  • I kick ass, I take names - 'Breakin' Dishes'
  • Stay away from my Instagram, pure temptation - 'Sex With Me'
  • Guess I don't give a fuck, boy, don't you know who I am? - 'hops'


  • Diamonds are nothing when I shine with you - 'Wild Thoughts'
  • I fight with fire just to get closer to you - 'Love On The Brain'
  • If you want we can be fugitives running from every vision of love - "Desperado"

For your own squad

  • I bet you want to know what my team is about: "Phresh Out The Runway"
  • I get silly with all my friends - "Pour It Up"
  • You might be angry in the morning, but you know we're getting tough tonight: "Cheers (Drink To This)"
  • Mis perras son tan Bvalgari – „Phresh Out The Runway“
  • I said I'll always be your friend / I took an oath I'll keep to the end - 'Umbrella'

about money

  • All I see are dollar signs - "Pour It Up"
  • I've got a drink on my mind and my money's on my mind - 'Cheers (Drink To That)'
  • I'll wake up and hug this money: "Nothing is promised"
  • My pocket is deep and they never run out - "Pour It Up"
  • Pay Me What You Deve Me / Dance Bigger Than LeBron - "B*tch You Better Have My Money"

about trust

  • All you need to know I'm a 2 for 5
  • Didn't they tell you I'm a savage? - 'I need me'
  • Fuck your white horse and carriage - "Needed Me"
  • Gotta do things my way baby - "Consideration"
  • I look so bombastic, I'll find treasure - "Cheers (drink to it)"
  • Tougher than a lion / No need to try - 'Tough'
  • Walk that bitch like she own the H*E - 'Phresh Out The Runway'
  • You Know I Got The Sauce, You Know I'm Naughty - 'Sex With Me'

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