12 Best Country Liebeslieder for him (2023)

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If you are looking for the best love songs in the country that are dedicating yourself to your husband, you came in the right place.

From classic love ballads to contemporary songs, these 12 songs mentioned below will surely play their hearts and make them fall in love again.

So take a look at these songs and show your husband how much this means to you and how much you love it!

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1. Bebe Rexha - Be intended

2. Baby, I love you - Tiffany DogRd

3. If you don't say anything: Alison Krauss

4. This remains specified: Shania Twain

5. Estrancia - Sugarland


7. Heart - Carrie Underwood

8. When I found you - Jasmine Rae

9. Los Buenos - Gabby Barrett

10. What did you really mean: Cyndi Thomson

11. VAQUERO Take me - the girls

12. From that moment - Shania Twain

1. Bebe Rexha - Be intended

This is Country Love's perfect love song, which you can dedicate your texts, the embassy you are designated and the amazing goings baby.

As the title suggests, this song gives a very positive message about relationships and love in general: some things in life are predetermined and you can't fight it, no matter how much you try. So you don't have to worry!

If you are intended, they will be willing, relax and let the world turn around while enjoying the company's society.

2. Baby, I love you - Tiffany DogRd

Although not a country song, Tiffany Alvord's "Baby, I Love You", deserves a mention of this list because the boys love to hear their girls, they say they love them too.

Who doesn't like to hear your partner who tells him how much you mean to you?

It is one of the sweetest things that everyone can tell your lover and definitely makes the heart jump a rhythm, regardless of the frequency with which it listens to it.

3. If you don't say anything: Alison Krauss

This is one of those timeless country songs that you and your love can enjoy, be it your first date or your 50th birthday as a couple.

Basically, it's like her husband, although he doesn't always say what he wants to hear, actually says a lot through his actions.

Then let these small gestures take into consideration and enjoy it safely, because you are really important in the relationship.

4. This remains specified: Shania Twain

If you think he's the only one for you, this is the perfect love song for country, loves he knows how much it means and how far the two have come.

After all, everyone needs little peace of mind that you still love them and want to be with them forever.

This is also a very captivating song and a great melody to dance.

5. Estrancia - Sugarland

The ups and downs are part of life. You can't always frown, smiling or sad and sad.

Everyone does problems that may seem too big to deal with at that time and it's normal.

But sometimes you just need someone there for them while they go through all this, and this beautiful song appears there.

Sugarland's "Stay" talks about a woman whose husband cheats. Although everyone tells her that she should leave him, she believes she deserves a second chance in the background because "she was there from the beginning."

It's a great country pain in the country's pain that you can dedicate to your husband to ask for help and support when things become difficult.

However, never forget that sometimes you should stop to beg and focus on improving yourself.


All couples find problems from time to time and, as much as you love it, it is normal not to agree and fight occasionally.

However, this is just a phase in which every couple needs to pass and does not necessarily mean the end of their relationship.

All you need is that he knows that you are still interested and there is still hope of doing things.

If you believe you are at this stage, this is definitely the perfect country music that you can dedicate to it.

He talks about a girl who is catching in an unknown relationship, but is still ready to fight for love and needs her husband's calm.

Ask him to fight for your love and commitment to you?

7. Heart - Carrie Underwood

Sometimes it's not enough to love someone. You may be there for you, but it's still far from you.

This distance is something that can go crazy, but it is also something you need to deal with, because love sometimes comes in different ways.

However, this does not necessarily mean that it is the end of your relationship.

Love is surprising and knows boundaries. If you are in a long distance relationship, dedicate this song to your husband.

It is a simple country love song that will recognize how strange you are to you and how many you are.

8. When I found you - Jasmine Rae

If you believe you have found the specified person you are looking for and want to marry your life, this is the perfect song to dedicate it to it.

The texts are amazing and describe pure and endless love. It should not be mentioned that Jasmine ras voice, that she can see from a marriage in the countryside with beautiful sunflowers and a lot of love.

It's worth listening to absolutely, even if you don't like country music. I sure you'll fall in love with it.

9. Los Buenos - Gabby Barrett

This is another song talks about a girl in love with her husband. She thinks he's everything to her.

She describes how he is looking for him after all the good things and only sees the best, not the worst.

It is also a very catchy song, with a great melody to dance.

He will definitely see her husband as he is happy to have her in her life. Therefore, do not hesitate and listen.

10. What did you really mean: Cyndi Thomson

You and her boy have fought lately and want to apologize and let him understand that they really didn't mean what they said?

So this is the perfect song for you!

She is a girl who is in love with her husband and wants to show her that everything she does for him.

However, there is a problem. She hurt him and did something wrong. But she promises to do the good things again and show her that she really loves him.

It is a good music and the texts of this ballad of the country will penetrate your heart and soul.

11. VAQUERO Take me - the girls

If you are looking for something romantic and important, find more than "Cowboy takes me" from girls.

The song talks about the desire to escape with its cowboy lover with a place section in the hills where no one can find it.

It is a beautiful ballad of love that makes the heart of emotions and appreciates it safely.

Although it is a little old, it still means that good country songs of charm that have the power to play people.

12. From that moment - Shania Twain

It's no secret that Shania Twain is one of the best field singers of all time. This voice is strong and emotional and her songs are full of emotions.

But of all his great love songs "From this moment" is perfect for her husband, that they are your girl at that moment.

With a captivating choir and significant text, this song offers a perfect combination of sweetness and strength and talks about commitment and eternal love.

If you are looking for a romantic gift for your husband, you should touch this song. He will show him how interested she is and that her love for him is forever.


Love is a little beautiful, but it is not always easy. There are times when you want to give up and set aside everything.

But if you really love your child, it doesn't matter because love is stronger than anything else.

Not to mention that love can be beautiful and rewarding if it is well done.

Therefore, the music we talk about today will help you show your husband how much you love him.

We hope you have found at least one perfect song for your husband, who applauded your relationship and led you to feel even closer.

If you do this, it's a victory for us.

Thanks for reading! ❤

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