10 Best Harem Anime Where OP MC Hides His Powers (2023)

The best anime genre is harem. It's full of pretty girls and has a lot of romance. But the best harems are the ones where the dominant protagonist hides his powers. Girls don't know how strong he is and he's so much fun. We bring you the top 10 harem anime where the OP MC hides his powers.

Here are the top 10 harem anime where OP MC hides his powers.

A harem is a genre of anime and manga in which a single protagonist is surrounded by a group of beautiful girls. For the most part, harems focus on fan service and comedy rather than plot. But sometimes,Harem-Animesubverting gender throughamazing main character. So, in this article, we bring you the top 10 best harem anime where theOP M.C.hide your powers.

10. Bahamut's Undefeated Chronicle

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Brilliant fantasy mecha that isn't really groundbreaking, but it definitely delivers one of the most polished harem experiences we've seen. The anime adaptation was a huge success as both a light novel and a manga and gave us a taste of just how amazing the world of Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle really is.

We learn about the Arcadia Empire and follow the former prince of the Empire, Lux Arcadia. When our hero walks by and accidentally enters the girls' bathing area, he bumps into the beautiful princess Lisesharte Atismata. He sees her naked and sees a mysterious tattoo on her body.

This tattoo indicates that your family was involved in the crazy revolution that took place about five years ago and angered the entire kingdom. The princess challenges Lux in her honor and defeats him, forcing him to be her slave and attend the women's academy, where female students are trained to pilot these powerful robots and become these real pilots.

But as the show progresses, we soon find out that Lux isn't the goofball you think she is. He is a dangerous and undefeated drag racing champion who ended the war single-handedly.



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09. Machiavelli Gun Girl

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brightActionInexpensive series that plays with some classic anime tropes we know and love. Armed Girl's Machiavellianism keeps things fresh. If this brilliant anime series isn't enough, there is currently a full manga that we definitely recommend you check out. We meet Fudou Nomura when he transfers and starts as a new elite private school.

We learn that Fudou was expelled from his old school because he participated in a big violent fight. Fudou tries to keep his nose clean and avoid trouble, but trouble always finds him. In fact, the girls at Fudou's new school took over and started to manage it and violently suppress all male students.

Five girls run the school, calling themselves the Top Five Swords, which put Fudou in a ranking spot, forcing him to either comply or leave the school. Our hero must reveal his true power and he refuses to give up, armed with nothing more than his brutal personality and powerful fighting technique known as The Spirit Bullet. This is a crazy series that you must watch.

08. Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?

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It's a brilliant fantasy series that hooked us because of the harem, but held us back because of the action and brilliant character design. This is a wildly successful franchise with a lot behind it that you should definitely get involved with.

The series takes place in a fictional city filled with gods who have descended in search of thrills. These gods limited their powers and created a dangerous underground cave system known as a dungeon. This dungeon is full of powerful monsters, rare treasures and valuable crystal shards.

People flock to these dungeons, banding together to loot and find happiness. We follow Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old lonely adventurer working hard trying to find his fortune, soon surrounded by many pretty girls, deities and mortals who start to develop feelings for our hero.


07. Academia Sky Wizard

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It's a brilliant mix of fantasy andMagicwith a big hammer to tie it all together. Sky Wizards Academy is a brilliant watch with fantastic world building and an interesting environment that we've been invested in since the first installment.

We learn that humanity was kicked out of Earth because of these powerful and dangerous magical bugs. With people forced to live high up in the clouds in these huge floating cities.

There are occasional attacks from flying insects, and our only defense is those powerful launchers that can fend off the insects with powerful magic in the air. We learn of a young man who was once a powerful and highly skilled fighter, now considered a traitor and a disgrace.

He is assigned to train three magically powerful girls who are tasked with protecting this aerial city from attacks by flying insects.


06. Live date

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Afantastic series HaremWith strong notes of romantic comedy, it had us laughing, swooning and crying from scene to scene. Set in an interesting sci-fi setting, Date A Live is a brilliant series that has something for everyone. First, we learn about a crazy phenomenon that changed the world known as space tremors.

This massive natural disaster shook the entire world, killing 150 million people over the course of 30 years, after small earthquakes continued to ravage the world. We follow Shido Itsuka as he meets a mysterious girl at a school that was actually the site of that big earthquake.

We soon found out that she was one of the spirits causing these space tremors and that she came from another dimension. With some interesting character dynamics and some brilliant outside forces at play, we can't help but fall in love with Date A Live and the many fantastic concepts it brings to the table.


05. Dragonar-Academia

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Having enjoyed great success as a light novel and manga, the anime series has definitely done the source material justice and is something you should definitely consider.

In this fantastic blend of fantasy, romance and comedy, the harem elements in Dragonar Academy are unlike any we've encountered before. In the fantasy continent of Arc Strada, creators raise and train their friends.

These friends are huge, powerful dragons that are magically linked to their creators. These Breeders rise through the ranks of nobility by helping their dragon and increasing its power level from Master to Holy Dragon. We follow Ash Blake, astudent OPthe Elite Dragonar Academy.

There are hints that Ash will one day become the dragon master, but he doesn't even have a dragon, but when she appears, everyone is shocked. Ash's dragon is a beautiful girl named Eco. With an interesting and curious personality, Ash starts to train Eco, but we soon discover that Ash's problems are just beginning.


04. Yu-No: A Girl Who Sings Love on the Edge of This World

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A brilliant sci-fi series that actually started as a game in the 90s. It has since expanded into manga and anime forms. Given the decent level of success in both, it should be noted that Yu-No is easily one of the most revolutionary visual novels of all time and one that every serious anime fan should play at least once. The anime follows Takuya Arima, a Japanese high school student.

We learn of a rocky relationship with his father, who mysteriously disappeared, and a mother who died when he was young. Takuya currently lives with a stepmother who is heartbroken with her husband. The anime focuses more on the women and relationships in Takuya's life than the highly emotional struggles the game focuses on.

Other than that, this anime is very well written and way ahead of its time. A must see.


03. cem

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Finding quality robot anime series can really be a challenge, and 100 is easily one of the best out there: brilliant action, fantastic robot combat, and a well-crafted harem. Hundred is an anime series to add to your list.

The Hundreds are actually a type of articulated weapon capable of transforming into many different forms. They are our only defense against these powerful and mysterious life forms that attack Earth. Those who can wield these powerful weapons are Slayers, highly trained fighters who must enroll in an elite naval academy.

We follow Hayato Kisaragi and his journey through this elite academy to become the wielder of these powerful weapons and a savior of the earth. However, it's only a matter of time before he can barely concentrate on his training because so many beautiful women are rushing at him.


02. Roofs for dogs

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A seriously overlooked and underrated place.Isekai-animeSeries. Dog Days brings together an interesting mix of genres and offers an anime unlike anything we've seen before. The series has since enjoyed an anime renaissance, with fans hoping for a sequel in the near future.

The core story itself follows a boy named Cinque Izumi. Our hero is summoned to a fantasy world of Isekai by the beautiful princess Millhiore to defend her kingdom from the attacks of the neighboring royal family.

A great sense of adventure, some brilliant key relationships and hilarious dialogue throughout Dog Days is brilliant and a must-read for any isekai and fantasy harem fan.


01. Academia antimagia

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A phenomenal anime series that is close to perfection in every way. Anti-Magic Academy is fast action, bigcostumes, and a heartfelt romance at its core. This is one crazy series that only the most seasoned anime fans would swear by. Watch a single episode and it should be clear why.

We follow Takeru Kusanagi, the leader of Test Squad 35. Despite being quite inexperienced, Takeru has what it takes to be a great leader. He always works hard and puts his team's needs before his own.

He's the only male member of his team and it's only a matter of time before all of his team members start to develop feelings and fall in love with our hero, but Takeru is no useless harem MC.

He is actually an incredibly powerful and skilled swordsman. He can literally slice bullets out of thin air. He prefers a sword to using magic or weapons, and anger at him drives him into a demon slayer mode you don't want to see.


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